The Apprenticeshop

A school for traditional wooden boatbuilding and seamanship

The Apprenticeshop's  core traditional boatbuilding programs include the 2-year Apprenticeship Program, an intensive experience designed to teach all aspects of traditional wooden boatbuilding; the 12-week Small Boatbuilding Program, a shorter course designed to give participants an understanding of basic traditional boatbuilding, focused on the construction of a 12-foot Susan skiff; and the Extended/Advanced Intensive Program for those with previous woodworking or boatbuilding experience.

Throughout the year the Shop also offers a variety of Workshops and Short Courses, which can include skin-on-frame kayak construction, bronze casting, half hull model making, toboggan workshops, and more. The Apprenticeshop's boat livery offers a fleet of small traditional sail and row boats for rent by members and non-members during the season.

The sailing season begins in late March with Spring High School Sailing and continues through October! Our popular youth summer program gets students ages 5-18 out-rigging and sailing while learning safety, tides, weather, knots, racing, and seamanship skills. Our youth instructors are US SAILING certified sailors with a passion for teaching and sharing the joy of sailing with others. Each class curriculum is designed to progress to the next class, ensuring that all sailors are engaged in meaningful learning at their skill level.

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