Belfast Creative Coalition


Belfast Creative Coalition

The Belfast Creative Coalition’s mission is to cultivate arts and culture to attract people and business to the Belfast area through coordination and promotion.

BCC is a creative placemaking initiative community building through cultural assets by:

• Unifying the efforts of a well-recognized and highly-respected cluster of arts and cultural endeavors, building collaborative partnerships with multiple sectors, while establishing a cohesive identity as an open resource.

• Coordinating arts and cultural events through the Belfast Creative Coalition website, calendar syncing, networking, strategic planning, and streamlining promotions.

• Marketing Waldo County arts and culture locally and regionally, coordinating group ads, creating marketing products from the arts and culture sector that market Belfast’s three gems of art, local food and beautiful land.

• Facilitating “the business of art and culture” by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst creatives, hosting artist networking nights and disseminating opportunities in education, technology, innovation and funding that prepare and sustain our creative workforce.
Spearheaded by Waterfall Arts, Our Town Belfast and the City of Belfast, BCC was created in January 2012 by the Creative Communities = Economic Development Grant from the Maine Arts Commission. The award established a coalition of arts and cultural groups, educational, nonprofit, business, and municipal leaders who have a “strong commitment to inter-sector collaboration” and are dedicated to economic and community planning and development in a comprehensive revitalization effort.